Friday, December 31, 2010

'CTRL ALT ESCape from Rotterdam' at IFFR in January

(a trailer version of) CTRL ALT ESCape from Rotterdam finally hits the big screen at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011!

Mr. Messy and Barbie: Digital and Analogue reconciled

A small crew offered themselves willingly to the capricious disposal of WORM (Institute for Avantgarde Recreation), Rotterdam for many months of fabulously chaotic and depraved production and post-production on their debut feature film. Headed by scandalous Canadian Director Demetri Estdelacropolis aka Mr. Messy and Esther, aka Barbie, of WORM's Filmverkplaatz, the film was shot on a combination of digital, 16mm and Super8.

Other dedicated crew members included: Tessa (Camera/ editing), Matt (sound), Joan (Super 8 camera/ sets), Fiona (Super 8 camera), Lichun (Super 8 camera), Floris (SFX), Hinko (Photos/ all possible), Genja (Directing/Lights), Daan (Camera/ Lights), Sera (Camera), Myung (camera), Judith (Camera/ Animation), Kristof (Camera), Coen (Camera) and myself (SFX/ Camera).(i knooow i have forgotten a lot of people here-please let me know!)..these were at least the main roles, but all of us pretty much did a bit of everything at various part of the experimental nature of the production, some of the scenes were Directed by various members of the crew (mine was the Cinema scene with Genja).Actors who were deeply intertwined with the production and/or memorably charming include Dennis, Amy, Ania, Iris, Joop, Hinko, Peter, Henri, Florian and Arjan, plus many more!

..Fake blood laboriously/ lovingly/ begrudgingly made by me (with help at various times from Tessa, Floris and Joan of the crew)..

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