Friday, December 31, 2010

'CTRL ALT ESCape from Rotterdam' at IFFR in January

(a trailer version of) CTRL ALT ESCape from Rotterdam finally hits the big screen at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011!

Mr. Messy and Barbie: Digital and Analogue reconciled

A small crew offered themselves willingly to the capricious disposal of WORM (Institute for Avantgarde Recreation), Rotterdam for many months of fabulously chaotic and depraved production and post-production on their debut feature film. Headed by scandalous Canadian Director Demetri Estdelacropolis aka Mr. Messy and Esther, aka Barbie, of WORM's Filmverkplaatz, the film was shot on a combination of digital, 16mm and Super8.

Other dedicated crew members included: Tessa (Camera/ editing), Matt (sound), Joan (Super 8 camera/ sets), Fiona (Super 8 camera), Lichun (Super 8 camera), Floris (SFX), Hinko (Photos/ all possible), Genja (Directing/Lights), Daan (Camera/ Lights), Sera (Camera), Myung (camera), Judith (Camera/ Animation), Kristof (Camera), Coen (Camera) and myself (SFX/ Camera).(i knooow i have forgotten a lot of people here-please let me know!)..these were at least the main roles, but all of us pretty much did a bit of everything at various part of the experimental nature of the production, some of the scenes were Directed by various members of the crew (mine was the Cinema scene with Genja).Actors who were deeply intertwined with the production and/or memorably charming include Dennis, Amy, Ania, Iris, Joop, Hinko, Peter, Henri, Florian and Arjan, plus many more!

..Fake blood laboriously/ lovingly/ begrudgingly made by me (with help at various times from Tessa, Floris and Joan of the crew)..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Video for Hong Kong in the 60s and Position Normal at The Outer Church

Created for the December edition of The Outer Church in Brighton, England.

Stills from the video for Hong Kong in the 60s...

Stills from the video for Position Normal..working with distorting a VHS signal and monitor display using the audio signal from a walkman (to the fabulous sounds of Klaus Wunderlich on cassette hehe)..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'The North' installation, 2006

'The North' Installation, 2006 from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

The North (installation)
Jade Boyd, The North video installation: video projection (7:42), amplifier, 2x speakers, dead branches. Dimensions variable. ‘Podium’ at Galleri Badet, Kulturhuset, Hausmania, Oslo, Norway, 2006.

'The North', originally an installation for my graduation exhibition at Sydney College of the Arts (2005), was the beginning of a trajectory of work and research based around the sublime and the supernatural. In this installation I projected a video of fragments of field recordings in the Norwegian landscape combined with footage from earlier works.
The projection fell partly onto the tips of the twisted branches that lay on the floor, repeating the elements of nature within the video. The darkly layered soundtrack was heavy with bass, holding reference to the Nøkken of Norse folklore with the imagined cries in the woods, and a voice beckoning in old Norwegian to `cross over´ (the water). The video moved in stilted procession, recalling Muybridge´s sequential photographic studies of locomotion, and creating a dislocated world, enclosed within the dark confines of the room.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Travels in Sine

'Travels in Sine' from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Jade Boyd (video) and Dion Woestenburg (sound), Travels in Sine. Live Cinema/ Sound Performance; DVD, TV screen, computer monitor, digital video camera, video mixing (cpu), video projector. Analogue sound (Casio/ Yamaha keyboards, effects pedals, mixer) by Dion Woestenburg. Dimensions variable (approx. duration 98 minutes). Poortgebouw, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Sunday 21st February 2010.

Travels in Sine was an improvised live manipulation of Dario Argento’s master classic of horror, Suspiria (1977), which features an equally impressive score by the progressive rock band Goblin. The film was shown from beginning to end with live audio/visual manipulation throughout. At times the original footage and sound were distinguishable, while at others, the sound and image were transformed and distorted into a state of abstraction.

The result was a homage to a horror classic: Suspiria, one generation removed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UNSOUND FESTIVAL : "Horror: the pleasure and fear of unease" /////// KRAKOW. POLAND. OCTOBER 16th- 25th 2010

Don't Go Down There: An Afternoon With Alan Howarth and Black to Comm, co-produced with Studio for Electroacoustic Music. The Academy of Music, UNSOUND FESTIVAL, Krakow. SUNDAY OCTOBER 24TH

Mixing the films of John Carpenter to a live soundtrack from original composer and renowned sound designer Alan Howarth.
420 x 37


Hybrids, co-presented with Bunker, Brooklyn, FRIDAY 22ND OCTOBER

Live visuals with Kyle Hall, UNSOUND FESTIVAL, KRAKOW 2010 from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Live visuals for Detroit DJ Mike Huckaby at Fabryka, UNSOUND Festival, Kraków from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Unsound Opening Concerts: The Dark Side, SUNDAY 17TH OCTOBER

I created live visuals for the suite from Hitchcock's 'Psycho' with Sinfonietta Cracovia conducted by Daníel Bjarnason
Sunday 17th October at Kijow Centrum Kraków



UNSOUND FESTIVAL, Kijow Centrum, Kraków
Kijow Centrum exterior

Friday, October 1, 2010

'Jupiter', analogue synth sounds

'Jupiter', analogue synth sounds from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Some of my unedited/ unmixed ditherings on the wonderous Korg Delta, in Rotterdam, 2009 .. during this session i was experimenting with connecting the audio output of the synthesizer to the input of a TV, showing the signal..

'Jupiter', analogue synth sounds

'Jupiter', analogue synth sounds from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Some of my unedited/ unmixed ditherings on the wonderous Korg Delta, in Rotterdam, 2009 .. during this session i was experimenting with connecting the audio output of the synthesizer to the input of a TV, showing the signal..

'That Which Devours and Dissolves'

'That Which Devours and Dissolves' Stenersen Museet, Oslo from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

That Which Devours and Dissolves, (Mixed media; Analogue video mixer, DVD, Behringer effects pedal, water, lava, crystals, glass, black ink, plastic, steam), Dimensions variable. Kunstakademiet i Oslo Masters Exhibition 2010, Stenersen Museet, Oslo, Norway.

The title of the work is taken from the H.P. Lovecraft story From Beyond (1920), in which a 'mad Scientist' invents a machine capable of opening up the spectrum by generating waves that act on the pineal gland, allowing unseen dimensions and life forms to be perceived.
In the installation there is an implied symbiotic relationship between the electronic signal (sound/ radio waves or video projection/ light) and the organic material (the salt crystals forming on the lava which is semi-submerged in black water shrouded in a layer of mist), with the idea that the crystals continue to form in relation to the electronic signal and light over the duration of the exhibition.
The sound of the installation also displays ‘naturally’ occurring principals in sound and machinery- feedback. The sound comes from the connection of the DVD player to the analogue AV mixer that mediated the video (DVD) signal. The sound is interference from this connection and the machinery around it. It is processed through an effects pedal (allowing for the sound to be extended, adding reverb or delay). I am able to alter the sound during the exhibition.
The DVD signal is also mediated by experimental connections, feeding its signal back on itself, creating an unstable image. This creates the rainbow spectrum of colours that appear as light projected onto the plastic and within the installation. The two altered image sources from the DVD player are mixed and affected by a pattern generator on the mixer. The projection is deflected around the room by the use of angled mirrors that disperse the light and flickering shadows around the room.


'The Backbone of Night' by Simona Barbera (audio) and Jade Boyd (visual)

'The Backbone of Night' by Simona Barbera (audio) and Jade Boyd (visual) from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Live Cinema/ Sound Performance; Digital video mixing, Computer monitor, mini-DV camera, VGA splitter, 2 x video projectors, smoke machine. Digital/ Analogue sound by Simona Barbera. Dimensions variable (approx. duration 30 minutes).

Live performance at WORM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Sat 23 Jan 2010. Described as ‘ alchemical brew of spooky soundscapes and manipulated video signals’

Simona builds soundscapes through layers of sound extracted from instruments via the spectral music method, with feedback and ghostly excerpts, while Jade works with the spectral elements of video signals. The work tries to translate ideas of space, alchemy and morphology. We have been collaborating since art school in Oslo in 2007 and have performed as 'Acidlandscapes' and as 'Overground' at The Netmage Live Media Festival in Bologna, Italy, 2008

'Data Mountain' installation

'Data Mountain' live installation from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

VHS, KORG MS20, Yamaha keyboard, Behringer fx pedal, computer monitors

at moddr_lab's 'FOO_bar' night with TagTool, Synchronator (Gert-Jan Prins and Bas van Koolwijk), HOTGLUE, FLOSS Manuals and Logosamphia

Jade Boyd and Emad Dehkordi, Music video for 'Bone Idle' by 'Big Daddy's Dead'

Music video for 'Bone Idle' by 'Big Daddy's Dead' by Jade Boyd and Emad Dehkordi from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

By Jade Boyd and Emad Dehkordi, Paris, 2009, for 'Bone Idle' by 'Big Daddy's Dead'. Edited from studio footage and recordings of live video mixing. We were very fixated on the principles of distortion, pixelation and degeneration of the image.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Apophenia from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Jade Boyd, Apophenia. Live video/ sound installation; TV, monitors, analogue video mixer, speakers, liquid latex, garbage bags, velvet curtains. Dimensions variable (approx 2 hours duration). Åpent Akademi 2008, Kunstakademiet, Oslo, December 2008.

In the live video/ sound installation Apophenia at Kunstakademiet, Oslo, video images are generated through the connection of various analogue equipment-mixers, VCRs, monitors, speakers, which were manipulated live. With the sound, I created feedback by connecting the audio input on the video mixer back into itself, otherwise known as ‘no-input mixing’. The staging in Apophenia is intentionally theatrical and low budget, signaling the influence of the theatre and horror films, in particular Poltergeist (Tobe Hooper, 1982), with the hissing and flickering electronic signals on the TV screens suggestive of the phenomenon of EVP. There has been a kind of archetype emerging in these sculptural TV installations of mine: as in Draugr (Video installation, Iceland, 2008) and Varde (Super8 film installation, Oslo, 2006), the TVs take on a pyramid-like form like the ‘varde’ or the mountain in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Spielberg,1977). The installation takes its name from Apophenia, the making of meaningful connections between unrelated phenomena, which relates to both the formal and conceptual elements of the installation, a term first introduced to me by Goodiepal (Gæoudjiparl).

Gæoudjiparl -..a secret message for..- JADE BOYD + ADV. + (MAVEE OBJECT)

Monday, September 13, 2010

'Return... of the Zombies!' Trailer

Return... of the Zombies! Trailer from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Super 8 film 2004
Glenda Pontes Depose, Aaron AJD, Spider, Kevin Platt, Jessica McGeachie, Peter McCarron, Jasmine Powell, Suzan Liu, Aaron Cortilla, Bryn Desmond-Jones
Produced at Sydney College of the Arts, Australia

Old Photo Works