Monday, November 7, 2011

Exotic Pylon City Symphony at Centrum Berlin!! 13th-17th Nov 2011

I am very excited to be taking part in Jonny Mugwump's Exotic Pylon City Symphony Residency at Centrum Berlin!

Sunday13-11-1119.00Sonic Lecture – Nothin but a big ole collage pt. 1
20.20Sonic Lecture – Nothin but a big ole collage pt. 2
Monday14-11-1119.00Berlin Field Recordings #1
19.30Nadine Byrne (Ectoplasm Girls)
20.00Infinite Livez (live)
21.30Johanna Knutsson
Tuesday15-11-1119.00Jade Boyd EVP
19.30jonny mugwump
21.30Christoph De Babalon
Wednesday16-11-1119.00Berlin Field Recordings #2
19.30jonny mugwump
20.00Leyland James Kirby
21.30jonny mugwump
Thursday17-11-1119.00Berlin Field Recordings #3
19.30jonny mugwump
20.00The Opiates (Billie Ray Martin and Ceven Knowles)
21.00jonny mugwump

21.30DJ Zhao

From the Mission Statement by Centrum:

'Jonny Mugwump has become an important figure in the development of new haunting-strange collage music, in his role as a radio broadcaster (on Resonance and Fnoob/NTS), music night curater (Exotic Pylon@ the Vortex), Weird Tales for Winter creator and now as record label head (Exotic Pylon Records).

Called ‘Exotic Pylon: City Symphony’ and running between 13-17 November, the residency will involve Jonny turning Centrum in live radio studio, with an invited audience, with interviews/chatter/performances from Caretaker (Leyland James Kirby), Ectoplasm Girls, Zhao, Infinite Livez, Wemonster and many others still to be confirmed.'

more details coming soon here:

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